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2016 2017

Critical Care Canada Forum - Deceased Donation Symposium

Presentation: The Brain Death Concept- History and Controversies
Presenter: Dr. E. Wijdicks 
1st Presentation: Canadian and Provincial Deceased Donation Data Update Presenter: Dr. S. Beed
2nd Presentation: Diagnostic Errors in Brain Death Presenter: Dr. E. Wijdicks
Panel Discussion: Donation Support Physician on Call: What would you do? Panelists: Dr. S. Dhanani, Dr. A. Healey, Dr. S. Beed, Dr. G. Isac and Dr. JF. Lizé 
Presentation: Communication and Resilience in End-of-Life Donation Discussions
Presenter: Dr. D. Kuhl 
Presentation: Is Family Override Illegal?
Presenter: M. Toews 
Presentation: Clinical Practice Guideline Development - A Pain in the Academic? Lessons Learned from Pediatric DCD
Presenters: Dr. M. Weiss/ Dr. B. Rochwerg
Presentation: Insights into the Spanish Organ Donation System
Presenter: Dr. B. Dominguez-Gil
1st Presentation: Uncontrolled Donation after Circulatory Death Presenter: Dr. B. Dominguez-Gil
2nd Presentation: ECMO-CPR Presenter: Dr. S. Brooks
3rd Presentation: Neuroprognostication after Resuscitated Cardiac Arrest Presenter: Dr. D. Scales
4th Presentation: Auto Resuscitation after Cardiac Arrest Presenter: Dr. S. Dhanani
5th Presentation: Non-perfusing Organ Donation Presenter: Dr. A. Healey
1st Presentation: DCD Transplant Outcomes -  Pushing the Limits or Cautious Reluctance: Organ Utilization Presenter: Dr. J. Zaltzman
2nd Presentation: Heart Utilization Decisions Presenter: Dr. B. Cantin
3rd Presentation: Organ Utilization in Spain Presenter: Dr. B. Dominguez-Gil
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