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Critical Care Canada Forum 2021

Scientific Track - Donation Stream

Full Presentation
Moderator: Dr. Sonny Dhanani

Critical Care Canada Forum 2020

Deceased Donation Stream

COVID-19 + Donation and Transplant Recipient Experience
Moderator: Dr. Sam Shemie

Noon Rounds

Deceased Donation Session: Pediatric Case Discussion
Presenter: Dr. Meagan Mahoney

Plenary - Deceased Donation Stream

EOL Care Patterns in Adult Critical Care - Contrasting DCD vs. Non-Donors
Presenters: Dr. Jason Shahin and Dr. Andrew Healey

Optimizing Organ Donation with Machine Learning

Optimizing Organ Donation with Machine Learning
Presenters: Dr. Michaël Chassé and Dr. Andrew Seely

Challenges in Deceased Donation

Challenges in Deceased Donation
Moderator: Dr. Sonny Dhanani

Critical Care Canada Forum 2019

Deceased Donation Track: Organ Donation I

Death & Dying: The Impact of Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Measures Procedures & Predicting Time to Death in Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death
Presenter: Dr. Jason Shahin

Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death Complexities: Pre-Conference Donation Physician Masterclass Summary
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Healey

Panel Discussion: Tensions in Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death
Panel: Dr. Paula Chidwick, Dr. Aimee Sarti, Linda Wright, Jennifer Chandler, Cynthia Isenor

Deceased Donation Track: Organ Donation II

Donor Identification and Referral: Preventable Death and Disability

Presenter: Dr. Samara Zavalkoff

Medical Assistance in Dying: Today & Tomorrow
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Weiss

Why MAID cases are different - from a coordinator perspective
Presenter: Emily Evans

Expanding the Donor Pool: Non-Perfused Organ Donation
Presenter: Dr. Marcelo Cypel

Family Perspectives on Medical Assistance in Dying & Donation
Presenter: Randall Tressider

Deceased Donation Track: Plenary Address

Deemed Consent Experience in the UK; Pending Legislation in NS
Presenters: Phil Walton and Dr. Stephen Beed

Deceased Donation Track: Organ Donation III

Panel Discussion: Opt-Out Legislation: Is Canada Really Ready for This?
Dr. Aimee Sarti, Linda Wright, Jennifer Chandler, Cynthia Isenor

Donation Conversations

Presenter: Phil Walton

Deceased Donation Track: Organ Donation IV

Brain Blood Flow, Perfusion & Function
Dr. Michael Chassé

Heart Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death: Maintaining Permanence in Normothermic Regional Perfusion

Presenter: Dr. Sam Shemie
Challenging Cases: Panel Discussion
Dr. Andreas Kramer, Dr. Gordon Boyd, Dr. Andrew Baker, Dr. Meagan Mahoney, Karen Dryden-Palmer

Critical Care Canada Forum 2018

Threats to the Concept of Brain Death

Case Presentation
Presenter: Brian Kavanagh

Death Is Not Brain-Based
Presenter: Dr. Ari Joffe

Death Is Brain-Based
Presenter: Dr. Sam Shemie

Legal Uncertainty
Presenter: Hugh Scher

Legal Coherence

Presenter: Daphne Jarvis

Ethical Reflections
Presenter: Rob Sibbald

International Perspectives of Medical and Legal Threats to Brain Death
Presenter: Dr. David Greer

Organ Donation I

Changing Demographics in Death after Devastating Brain Injury
Presenter: Dr. Andreas Kramer

The Opiate Epidemic and Organ Donation
Presenter: Dr. Sean Keenan

Panel Discussion - Death Determination: Challenging Cases
Panel: Dr. Margaret Thompson, Dr. David Greer, Dr. Andrew Healey, Dr. Jeff Singh, Dr. Matthew Weiss

Plenary Address

Restarting the Heart After Death in DCD: Expert Guidance from a Canadian Consensus Building Process
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Healey

Organ Donation II

Update on Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines for Donor Management
Presenter: Dr. Ian Ball

Results of the Canada-DONATE Cohort Study
Presenter: Dr. Maureen Meade

Engaging Substitute Decision Makers and Family in Organ Donation
Presenter: Dr. Aimee Sarti

Canadian ICE Physician Attitudes to Deceased Donation
Presenter: Dr. Michaël Chassé & Dr. Matthew Weiss

Organ Donation III

Uncontrolled DCD: The Spanish Experience
Presenter: Dr. Angel Ruiz

E-CPR for Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Presenter: Dr. Brian Grunau

In-Situ vs Ex-Vivo Regional Perfusion for Abdominal Organs
Presenter: Dr. Angel Ruiz

Trust and Integrity in the Deceased Donation System
Presenter: Dr. Sam Shemie

Critical Care Canada Forum 2017

Pro-con Debate: Death of the Dead Donor Rule?
Presenter: Dr. Robert Truog and Dr. Sam Shemie

Canadian and Provincial Deceased Donation Data Update
Presenter: Dr. Damon Scales

Deceased Donation in the United Kingdom
Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy

Organ Donation in Medical Assistance in Dying/ Conscious Competent Patients
Presenter: Dr. Mike Sharpe

Donor Identification and Referral: How early is too early?
Presenter: Dr. Andreas Kramer and Dr. Andrew Healey

Organ Donation Challenges in the United Kingdom
Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy

Donation Support Physician On Call: What would you do?
Panelists: Dr. Andrew Healey, Dr. Matthew Weiss, Dr. Stephen Beed, Dr. Paul Murphy, Dr. Joe Pagliarello

DCD in the United Kingdom
Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy

DCD Heart Donor Management and Transplantation: the Australian Ex Vivo Program
Presenter: Dr. Peter MacDonald

Research Directions in DCD Hearts
Presenter: Dr. Darren Freed

Bioethical Perspectives in DCD Heart Donation
Presenter: Dr. Robert Truog

DCD Heart Donation
Panelists: Dr. Andrew Baker, Dr. Robert Truog, Dr. Brian Kavanagh, Dr. Paul Murphy

Critical Care Canada Forum 2016 - Deceased Donation Symposium

The Brain Death Concept - History and Controversies
Presenter: Dr. E. Wijdicks

Canadian and Provincial Deceased Donation Data Update and Diagnostic Errors in Brain Death
Presenters: Dr. S. Beed and Dr. E. Wijdicks
Panel Discussion: Dr. S. Dhanani, Dr. A. Healey, Dr. S. Beed, Dr. G. Isac and Dr. JF. Lizé

Communication and Resilience in End-of-Life Donation Discussions
Presenter: Dr. D. Kuhl

Is Family Override Illegal?
Presenter: M. Toews

Clinical Practice Guideline Development - A Pain in the Academic? Lessons Learned from Pediatric DCD
Presenters: Dr. M. Weiss/ Dr. B. Rochwerg

Insights into the Spanish Organ Donation System
Presenter: Dr. B. Dominguez-Gil

Uncontrolled Donation after Circulatory Death; ECMO-CPR; Neuroprognostication after Resuscitated Cardiac Arrest; Auto Resuscitation after Cardiac Arrest; and Non-perfusing Organ Donation
Presenters: Dr. B. Dominguez-Gil, Dr. S. Brooks, Dr. D. Scales, Dr. S. Dhanani, and Dr. A. Healey

DCD Transplant Outcomes -  Pushing the Limits or Cautious Reluctance: Organ Utilization; Heart Utilization Decisions; Organ Utilization in Spain
Presenters: Dr. J. Zaltzman, Dr. B. Cantin, Dr. B. Dominguez-Gil

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