Media Relations

Jennifer Long,
Communications Advisor


483 Bay Street, South Tower, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON  M5G 2C9

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About TGLN (5:51)
Meet Ryley (2:30)
Meet Andrea (2:13)
Meet Carol (2:00)
Tissue Donation: Saving and Transforming Lives in Ontario (30 min. entire video)
Introduction (1:00 min)
Tissue Recipient (1:19 min)
Referral Process (12:50 min)
Family After Consent (6:29 min)
Transplant Perspective (1:55 min)
Donor Families (3:10 min)
Donor Families – Full (6:48)
Living Kidney Donation (11:49)
Coroner Education (5:26 min)
How to register (1:22)
Asking Too Much? (2:01)


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