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If you are a designated hospital calling TGLN with a patient who meets Donor Referral Indicators,
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Routine Notification for
Donation Eligibility

Hospitals that are designated facilities under the Gift of Life Act must meet the referral provisions detailed under Part II.1 - Notice and Consent. These hospitals have, or will have ‘Routine Notification’ mandated throughout their centre. This means hospitals are responsible for calling and notifying TGLN when a patient has died, or prior to death according to their established referral indicators.

Notifying TGLN ensures donation eligibility can be established. Donation consent decisions can be accessed in the Ontario Health Insurance Plan database before families of eligible patients are approached by TGLN about donation opportunities. Since 2005, this practice has helped maximize organ and tissue donation for transplantation in Ontario.

Learn more about routine notification for donation eligibility.

Designated Facilities

Ontario Regulation 179/05 has identified six classes of facilities for the purposes of the Gift of Life Act. They are:

  • Class A

    Hospital - Trauma and/or neuro-surgical services

    Any hospital that provides neuro-surgical or trauma services.

  • Class B


    Any hospital that does not meet the requirements set out in Section 1 and that is able to make a neurologically determined death (NDD) in accordance with the medically accepted standards for NDD in Ontario.

  • Class C


    Any hospital that does not meet the requirements set in Sections 1 or 2.

  • Class D

    Tissue/Bone bank

    Any hospital, health facility or university that participates in the collection, screening, processing, storage or distribution of tissue for transplantation.

  • Class E

    Transplant Service

    Any hospital that transplants organs for the direct clinical benefit of patients.

  • Class F

    Laboratory Service

    Laboratories (Laboratory Licensing Act) performing screening tests for infectious diseases and/or histocompatibility testing.

Continuing Education

Ontario Health (Trillium Gift of Life Network) is committed to supporting the learning opportunities for healthcare professionals across Ontario. By using these education materials, you can enhance your knowledge of the merits of donation which ultimately leads to saving and enriching lives.


This eLearning module has been created for independent self study. At the end of the module you are invited to take a quiz which offers a printed certificate for a mark of 90% or more. Note: You must view this e-module in its entirety to receive the certificate.

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For any inquiries on the donation process or patient management, please contact us.

Organ and Tissue Donation Following Medical Assistance in Dying: Program Development Toolkit
The Organ and Tissue Donation Following Medical Assistance in Dying: Program Development Toolkit was developed by TGLN as a tool to support healthcare professionals in hospitals across Ontario. Download pdf to print.

Wait List, Organ Offers and Allocation Policies

This document provides the provincial policies relating to wait listing, wait times, organ offers and allocation to the deceased donor waiting list. These policies apply to all transplant candidates and recipients of organs from deceased donors.
This document is updated regularly to reflect new or amended policies.

Wait List, Organ Offers and Allocation Policies

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